An interactive light feature at ICE Totally Gaming 2019

The Starlight. Hundreds of LED batons spanning 20 metres of concentric circles that sat above the Microgaming stand like a beautiful halo, or a mystifying UFO, depending on who you asked.

Whether it reminds you of something from outer space or angels from above, the point is, it catches your attention? And that there, is the whole point.

Having worked on the Microgaming stand for the past three years it was time to step it up a notch for this year’s ICE Totally Gaming 2019 event. Every year their dynamic light features have been the talk of the show (click here to see more on their 2018 stand), but this year it was time to up the wow factor and take it full-on interactive.

To achieve something different, we hooked up with experiential gurus Cinimod Studio to create this bespoke, immersive light feature that created a stop, look and be mesmerised moment. And because of its size, hypnotic light changing patterns and visibility from all angles, it was admired from afar too.


How it worked with the stand

A burst of lines from a central point of the stand helped us to dissect the space and arrange features around that central core.
 The guest journey began here, at the Microgaming welcome counter. Concentric circles of floor finishes helped to define zones on the stand and visually accentuate the starburst of light that sat as a halo
 over the space.


The VIP experience

Throughout the day, the Starlight was set to Microgaming colours (blue and green) but, and here’s the really cool bit, VIPs were given their own control system where they could change the colour for short bursts of time, whilst tracing beautiful white light through the beams.


Studio takeovers

There were however three separate occasions throughout the day when we regained control –  the studio takeovers. Whether this was the flash mob dance activation or happy hour over on the bar, every single screen, moving head light and yes, Starlight tied in together to match the Studio’s colours and the beat of the music.

With all the action happening on the main floor, you’d never know there was a team of technicians tucked away in a tiny room at the back of the stand making it come together live as guests watched and danced along to the music.


The details

For those who want to get in to the nitty gritty, here’s how we made it not only work, but added the finishing touch for a flawless finish that tied in with the rest of the Microgaming stand (more on that here).

576 LED batons. It takes a very patient team to attach this many batons.

72 spokes. Each spoke consisted of 8 batons, placed equal distances apart

Black truss. Standard chrome truss wouldn’t cut it. It had to be black so it would blend in, and it had to be circles.

Black diffusers. Standard LED diffusers are white, but to achieve the slick finish of the patterns running through the Starlight, we needed the LED batons to disappear when there was no light.

103 moving head lights. All that LED light wasn’t enough, interspersed between the spokes and directly in the centre of our Starlight were even more lights!

1 x highly skilled Vision Mixer. For each activation the spectacular VJ was working behind the scenes to perfectly time the lighting patterns with the music.