How to make your stand more profitable

It was a beautiful spring day, the doors had just opened on the biggest expo of the year and two companies located side-by-side were ready to do business.

Both had the same amount of space, both were in a prime location and both, as is often the nature in exhibitions, were offering very similar products.

Fast forward to the end of the day and the exhausted team packed up feeling pretty happy with the day’s takings. But there was one big difference. Whilst both would say the day was a success, one company sold more than double what their competitor did.

What made the difference?

While both stands looked pretty good, the more popular one had taken extra care to consider the user experience, creating an island of calm amongst the hubbub of the exhibition hall. So to help make your stand more profitable, here are 5 top tips to making it as peaceful as possible.


Keep the space open

You want to encourage visitors on to your stand, and one of the simplest ways to do this is to keep walls to a minimum. Add too many blockades and they’ll walk right by.


Good lighting

Lighting is incredibly important. Overlight and you’ll create a harsh environment. Not enough and you’ll look dark and uninviting. Find a good middle ground with subtle lighting that reflects your brand.


Offer refreshments

If you have something to offer visitors, then they’re more likely to give you their time. Remember they’ve most likely been walking around and talking to people for hours, something as simple as a glass of water or a cup of coffee is a nice, simple treat that they’ll definitely thank you for.


Calming music

Exhibitions are noisy environments, so in order to create your island of calm you want to ensure it’s not blaring out. Tranquil background music is perfect for the daytime, and if you want to crank it up and inject a bit of liveliness at the end of the day, then go for it.


Engaging staff

It doesn’t matter how good your star sales rep is, if they’re already busy with a customer, you need everyone else to interact with visitors before they drift away. Say hello, offer a drink and have a chat. It all counts towards giving the visitor a strong, lasting impression of your brand.