Survival of the fittest – how to make your stand sensational

You walk in to an exhibition, glance around and instantly your attention is caught by one stand in particular. Why? Because it looks amazing.

Now compare that stand to the plain one next to it, which one do you think is going to have a more successful exhibition? No, it’s not a trick question. It’s the first one, of course.

The answer seems obvious, yet at most exhibitions you visit there will be dozens (if not hundreds) of stands with little thought gone in to the overall visitor experience. But, there’s no getting around it, if you want to stand out from the masses, you need to find a way to stand loud and proud.

But if you’re not sure where to start, then first think about what not to do. Here are 7 of the biggest mistakes we’ve seen at exhibitions around the globe. And if you need even more help, give us a call – we’ll be happy to give you a helping hand.


Mistake 1: Plastering your logo over every inch of wall


You want customers to get to know your brand, we get it. But cramming the walls with your logo is more likely to overload the senses of those walking through the hustling, bustling exhibition space.

Give your brand space to breathe. White space around your logo will help it stand out from a busy crowd, ultimately achieving your goals of brand awareness so much more successfully than pasting it across every surface.


Mistake 2: Not keeping your information short, clear and snappy


You have mere seconds to get your message across to customers, and when you try to give them too much information in one go, they’re likely to switch off. Keep it concise, with one clear message that tells the customer what you’re all about without covering your walls with text.

And if they can decipher your brand from the aisle as they’re walking past, then even better. If they know you have what they want, you won’t have to grab them, they’ll come to you.


Mistake 3: Leaving cables/boxes/personal belongings on show

Your stand should be neat and tidy. If you have tethers and cables, keep them hidden. Sounds simple, right? But it’s amazing how many people forget this when planning their setup.

And just as importantly, make sure you consider where you’re going to store your boxes and personal belongings. If a built-in storage cupboard isn’t feasible, then consider furniture with hidden shelving.


Mistake 4: Not investing in the look of your stand

You may not have thousands to spend, but that doesn’t mean your stand has to look cheap. Customers will judge the aesthetics of your stand first, and what you’re selling second. Simple little upgrades to create a more bespoke look will instantly make your space stand out from your neighbour’s.

Think wall graphics rather than pop-up banners, contemporary chair designs over folding chairs and display cases rather than trestle tables. Furniture can say a lot about your brand. It should have character and reflect who you are, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. You should reflect your brand’s personality at every touch point.


Mistake 5: Building too many walls

Keeping your stand open will make it feel much more inviting, if you have too many walls that block people from entering, then chances are they won’t enter.

Don’t be scared of having an open space – guests want to be able to walk on, look around and talk to you. If you make them walk around the outside then they’ll likely just get swept along with the crowd.


Mistake 6: Having bored staff handing out leaflets

To really get the most ROI from your stand, you need to make it fun. It’s no longer enough to turn up with some pop-up banners and hand out a bunch of flyers. Instead spend that money on fun giveaways, games or energetic promo staff.

To be remembered, you need to create a “this is brilliant” moment. To put it simply, don’t be boring!


Mistake 7: Thinking design agencies are too expensive

This is one of the biggest misconceptions within the events industry, but you’d probably be surprised by what a smaller design and production agency like can offer within your budget.

Because of our expertise and wide range of supplier relationships, we know who can offer the best value for your brief. And we can negotiate the best prices. This, plus the fact you’ll be more likely to get more business on the day means a greater ROI at the end of your event. And isn’t that the whole point?