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    to creating and managing events

    Our relationship with our clients is at the very heart of every successful live event we produce.

    We’ve seen the increasing complexity of large-scale live events make clients feel little more than onlookers.

    We advise and collaborate with your team to ensure you are firmly in control of your live event at the level you’re most comfortable with.

    We succeed together


The right idea, the beautiful detail

We work with you creatively across the life of your project
 to combine powerful messaging with compelling interactions.
We create beautiful environments to engage your audience.

  • campaign + event strategy
  • identity and narrative
  • environmental design
  • campaign tactics
  • experiential journey
  • interactive touchpoints
  • technology integration
  • construction detailing
  • artwork production
  • design management


The precision planning, the seamless result

Whatever the form or scale of your event ambitions, we project manage the entire production process for you. We thrive on a challengeing brief, no matter how complex.

  • event logistics
  • technical production
  • delegate management
  • script development
  • set build management
  • on-site management
  • content creation
  • stage management
  • speaker support
  • data capture
  • When it came to standing out from the crowd in the Magento Live marketplace, a high end space with a retail feel fitted to brief perfectly for our newest client, Klaviyo.

    In collaboration with Graphitecture, event.live was commissioned with the task of designing and building a 6m x 2m stand that would not only showcase products from some of Klaviyo’s clients, but would also have the ability to be flexible.

  • As a complement to the annual Imagine Conference, Magento Live was a place for delegates to discover the latest news and commerce trends in between sessions.

    From clothing to shoes, bags and accessories, event.live utilised peg boards as a fun and non-restrictive way to display the products with the added bonus of being able to mix things up at the end of the day by moving the shelves around.

  • In addition to the two iMacs used for demos, a 75″ screen was recessed in to the wall offering a plush finish to the multi-purpose bit of tech.

    Throughout the day the screen would showcase the brand’s video, but with the touch of a button would automatically revert to an additional demo screen, allowing the team on the floor more options for showcasing their product to potential buyers.



  • The Klaviyo stand was all about luxury, from the spray finish walls to the soft closing drawers, every aspect was delivered with purpose.

    The wood veneer finish across the cupboards and metal hardware tied the whole look together with a modern, stylised feel.

  • As one of the biggest events in the gaming world, having a stand-out space at ICE Totally Gaming is a must for industry leaders, Microgaming.

    For the past three years they have called upon our expertise to create, build and manage a luxe design across their 660 square meter space, and for 2019 we delivered a stand we’re truly proud of.

    Upon entering the hall, guest’s attentions were instantly drawn to the 15 meter diameter Starlight, which spanned the width of the stand. Not only did it provide a clear attraction to visitors across the hall, but it had the ability to change colour, speed and patterns on demand, making important show moments truly memorable.

    Stepping closer the top quality detailing, high tech touches and bespoke studio counters continued to showcase Microgaming’s stamp of quality.

  • While the main floor of the stand featured the six studio demo counters, set out in concentric circles beneath the Starlight (more on that here), the rest of the stand housed five meeting rooms, one games demo room, four informal meeting booths and a VIP coffee bar.

    On the opposite end stood the public bar, which became a hive of activity during the daily activations and happy hour sessions, complete with live DJ, dancers and free beer.


  • From a much sought-after steak lounge to everyone’s favourite coffee stop, our client Microgaming have been the talk of SiGMA, Malta’s fastest growing event in the industry, year after year.

    The charcoal stand with raw timber accents offers an elegant space within a very saturated environment, providing a canvas for each new Microgaming launch.

    Our experience working internationally enabled us to be flexible and responsive as the fledgling show geared up to go live, ensuring Microgaming’s presence is always a huge success.

  • When Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller was commissioned to produce a piece for the London 2012 Olympics he created Sacrilege, he conceived a full scale recreation of Stonehenge as an inflatable touring installation, framing the public’s interaction with it.

    Jeremy Deller and the Mayor of London turned to event.live to deliver Sacrilege to a global audience. We provided the logistics, installation and onsite management for each of Sacrilege’s appearances around the world from London and Glasgow to Europe, Hong Kong, and across Australia.

  • We ensured that wherever Sacrilege appeared, it’s integrity as a work of art was valued, accentuated, welcoming and kept safe for public use.

    “event.live have been brilliant dealing with
 all the technical and logistical requirements for Sacrilege.

    It’s a huge and complicated piece and they have handled it with aplomb and good humour throughout.”

    Jeremy Deller

  • For the second year running, event.live were responsible for the design and production of the Microgaming stand at iGB Live 2018 in Amsterdam.

    Focusing on the launch of Microgaming’s brand new game, Agent Jane Blonde Returns, we were tasked to create a vibrant, fun, yet professional exhibition space that included high quality large format printing, lit signage, business meeting area complete with an ice-cream give-away all highlighting the vivid neon colour of the distinctive game graphics.

    The result was an exceptional strong brand presence for Microgaming.

  • Cornerstone OnDemand deliver Cloud-based HR, training, and recruiting solutions to over 30 million people globally. Convergence is their annual keystone event for EMEA markets attracting over 1,000 delegates from around the region.

    For Convergence 2017, at the Intercontinental O2, event.live produced the main plenary sessions including on-screen content across two 17m screens flanking the stage and an 8m LED screen centre stage.

    A central feature was an 18m letter C suspended over the audience lit by over a hundred moving lights, which provided a show stopping effect as delegates entered and left the plenary sessions.

  • “Convergence is 
a major part of our global marketing strategy. James and his team at event.live delivered the plenary sessions for over a thousand delegates with calm professionalism, and were a pleasure
 to work with.

    The delegate feed-back was great, and the whole experience was stress- free for Cornerstone.””

    Colette Wade
    VP Marketing and Business Development EMEA

  • We were briefed to design and produce an engaging and unusual hospitality space to support the launch of Microgaming’s thrilling new Survivors vs. Zombies game “Lost Vegas”.

    EiG is an international gaming industry event held annually in Berlin. Providing the main bar where delegates and exhibitors socialise, gave igame developer Microgaming an opportunity to interact with all attendees.

    event.live create a themed space that brought a crazed Vegas to life, communicating the game USPs with a flare for the dramatics.

  • “The team at event.live rose to every challenge, producing highly creative ideas that wowed the crowds.

    Delivery on time and on budget, made it all a great experience for us.”

    Penny Campbell
    Head of Events, Microgaming

  • March 27, 2019 4:48 pm

    An interactive light feature at ICE Totally Gaming 2019

    By Rachael

    The Starlight. Hundreds of LED batons spanning 20 metres of concentric circles that sat above the Microgaming stand like a beautiful halo, or a mystifying UFO, depending on who you asked.

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    An interactive light feature at ICE Totally Gaming 2019

    The Starlight. Hundreds of LED batons spanning 20 metres of concentric circles that sat above the Microgaming stand like a beautiful halo, or a mystifying UFO, depending on who you asked.

    Whether it reminds you of something from outer space or angels from above, the point is, it catches your attention? And that there, is the whole point.

    Having worked on the Microgaming stand for the past three years it was time to step it up a notch for this year’s ICE Totally Gaming 2019 event. Every year their dynamic light features have been the talk of the show (click here to see more on their 2018 stand), but this year it was time to up the wow factor and take it full-on interactive.

    To achieve something different, we hooked up with experiential gurus Cinimod Studio to create this bespoke, immersive light feature that created a stop, look and be mesmerised moment. And because of its size, hypnotic light changing patterns and visibility from all angles, it was admired from afar too.


    How it worked with the stand

    A burst of lines from a central point of the stand helped us to dissect the space and arrange features around that central core.
 The guest journey began here, at the Microgaming welcome counter. Concentric circles of floor finishes helped to define zones on the stand and visually accentuate the starburst of light that sat as a halo
 over the space.


    The VIP experience

    Throughout the day, the Starlight was set to Microgaming colours (blue and green) but, and here’s the really cool bit, VIPs were given their own control system where they could change the colour for short bursts of time, whilst tracing beautiful white light through the beams.


    Studio takeovers

    There were however three separate occasions throughout the day when we regained control –  the studio takeovers. Whether this was the flash mob dance activation or happy hour over on the bar, every single screen, moving head light and yes, Starlight tied in together to match the Studio’s colours and the beat of the music.

    With all the action happening on the main floor, you’d never know there was a team of technicians tucked away in a tiny room at the back of the stand making it come together live as guests watched and danced along to the music.


    The details

    For those who want to get in to the nitty gritty, here’s how we made it not only work, but added the finishing touch for a flawless finish that tied in with the rest of the Microgaming stand (more on that here).

    576 LED batons. It takes a very patient team to attach this many batons.

    72 spokes. Each spoke consisted of 8 batons, placed equal distances apart

    Black truss. Standard chrome truss wouldn’t cut it. It had to be black so it would blend in, and it had to be circles.

    Black diffusers. Standard LED diffusers are white, but to achieve the slick finish of the patterns running through the Starlight, we needed the LED batons to disappear when there was no light.

    103 moving head lights. All that LED light wasn’t enough, interspersed between the spokes and directly in the centre of our Starlight were even more lights!

    1 x highly skilled Vision Mixer. For each activation the spectacular VJ was working behind the scenes to perfectly time the lighting patterns with the music.


    December 3, 2018 3:31 pm

    Designing your stand – how to get started

    By Rachael

    Are you looking to promote a product? Target leads? Shout about your brand? Whatever your reason for exhibiting, it still comes down to design.

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    Designing your stand – how to get started

    Are you looking to promote a product? Target leads? Shout about your brand? Whatever your reason for exhibiting, it still comes down to design. How will you stand out from the crowd and make the biggest ROI?

    With a slick design, that’s how.

    But if you don’t know what that means in terms of your exhibition space, then fear not, because here’s our quick guide on how to get started.


    Start with the basics


    Before you get carried away researching what other companies are doing, think about how you feel, or more specifically, how your company feels. Do you feel corporate? Cool? Trendy? Take your cues from there.

    Now that you’ve got your feel, you need to think about the functionality. Are you showcasing a new product? Is your aim to generate new leads? Or are you selling right then and there?

    The function of your stand will help you to tell your story, and it’s important that your message doesn’t get lost. One of the biggest mistakes many companies make is to revert to a corporate-looking stand by putting some graphics on a wall and leaving it there.


    Questions answered, what’s next?


    With the function and feel sorted, your stand should have already started to take shape. For example a trendy company looking to generate new leads will probably want to keep the space open for their energetic sales people to do their thing.

    A corporate company planning on holding one-to-one meetings may want to split the stand in two, depending on your floor space, with a front-of-house area to draw people in, and somewhere more private/comfortable to sit down and chat.

    And a cool company selling on the day will need their setup to reflect a pop-up shop. You need a clear purchase area as well as clear signage that reflects your brand.


    Don’t forget to consider your audience


    While a consumer event should be more fun and engaging, a B2B show will likely be more mute with strong, simple messaging. If this is your first time exhibiting at this particular show, then ask your account handler for advice on the vibe. Who usually attends, and what usually goes down well?

    Remember while with some shows a big, bright colourful stand can make an impact, at another, a big crisp, white stand would get the most attention. Know what works, and make it better.


    Now it’s time to have some fun


    You have a rough idea of how you want your stand to work, but you’ve still got a blank canvas to play with. Everyone has brand guidelines which dictate your tone, look and colour, but exhibition spaces aren’t usually in the guidelines, so you have a chance to have some fun with it.

    Try to pull your brand as far as possible, remember this is your chance to meet your audience in a live environment, so put your best foot forward and make it an enjoyable space to be in.

    The treatment, feel, textiles and materials all need to be considered at once. Start thinking about how you physically want it to look. An exhibition stand doesn’t just have to be painted walls and laminate, there’s no reason why you can’t use interesting, tactile materials. Adding unique objects, colour and texture is a simple way to stand out from the crowd.


    Be relevantly random


    By this we mean using materials and/design that attracts attention for being different, but still ties in with your brand or product. For example if you’re a skate brand, you could have a wall made of wheels. Or a brand that’s style is full of colour may decide to build a wall out of lego.


    Get your message out there


    You’ve got the floor, now what are you going to say? Think carefully now, as you don’t want to turn your space into a giant powerpoint presentation, think of it more as the equivalent to an elevator pitch. Remove the clutter and get straight to the point.

    How you say it, however, will depend on your audience. If it’s a b2b event, then strong, simple messaging is vital. If it’s a consumer event then you can be more fun and engaging. Regardless of your stand size, whether you’ve got a 3m shell scheme wall or a 15m double-decker, it all comes down to good graphics and crisp, strong messaging.


    And finally the tech…


    We live in a digital world, but if you haven’t got anything worthy of showing, don’t! Just putting your website up will not suffice, but if you have something compelling to showcase on your screen then this will be a great addition to your stand. And the beauty of this is screens are a lot more flexible than graphics.


    So there you have it.

    Still stuck on what to do with your space? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you out. In the meantime, check out these top 7 mistakes exhibitors make.

  • October 22, 2018 2:15 pm

    How to make your stand more profitable

    By Rachael

    It was a beautiful spring day, the doors had just opened on the biggest expo of the year and two companies, located side-by-side were ready to do business.

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    How to make your stand more profitable

    It was a beautiful spring day, the doors had just opened on the biggest expo of the year and two companies located side-by-side were ready to do business.

    Both had the same amount of space, both were in a prime location and both, as is often the nature in exhibitions, were offering very similar products.

    Fast forward to the end of the day and the exhausted team packed up feeling pretty happy with the day’s takings. But there was one big difference. Whilst both would say the day was a success, one company sold more than double what their competitor did.

    What made the difference?

    While both stands looked pretty good, the more popular one had taken extra care to consider the user experience, creating an island of calm amongst the hubbub of the exhibition hall. So to help make your stand more profitable, here are 5 top tips to making it as peaceful as possible.


    Keep the space open

    You want to encourage visitors on to your stand, and one of the simplest ways to do this is to keep walls to a minimum. Add too many blockades and they’ll walk right by.


    Good lighting

    Lighting is incredibly important. Overlight and you’ll create a harsh environment. Not enough and you’ll look dark and uninviting. Find a good middle ground with subtle lighting that reflects your brand.


    Offer refreshments

    If you have something to offer visitors, then they’re more likely to give you their time. Remember they’ve most likely been walking around and talking to people for hours, something as simple as a glass of water or a cup of coffee is a nice, simple treat that they’ll definitely thank you for.


    Calming music

    Exhibitions are noisy environments, so in order to create your island of calm you want to ensure it’s not blaring out. Tranquil background music is perfect for the daytime, and if you want to crank it up and inject a bit of liveliness at the end of the day, then go for it.


    Engaging staff

    It doesn’t matter how good your star sales rep is, if they’re already busy with a customer, you need everyone else to interact with visitors before they drift away. Say hello, offer a drink and have a chat. It all counts towards giving the visitor a strong, lasting impression of your brand.

    October 22, 2018 2:14 pm

    Survival of the fittest – how to make your stand sensational

    By Rachael

    You walk in to an exhibition, look around and instantly your attention is caught by one stand in particular. Why? Because it looks amazing.

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    Survival of the fittest – how to make your stand sensational

    You walk in to an exhibition, glance around and instantly your attention is caught by one stand in particular. Why? Because it looks amazing.

    Now compare that stand to the plain one next to it, which one do you think is going to have a more successful exhibition? No, it’s not a trick question. It’s the first one, of course.

    The answer seems obvious, yet at most exhibitions you visit there will be dozens (if not hundreds) of stands with little thought gone in to the overall visitor experience. But, there’s no getting around it, if you want to stand out from the masses, you need to find a way to stand loud and proud.

    But if you’re not sure where to start, then first think about what not to do. Here are 7 of the biggest mistakes we’ve seen at exhibitions around the globe. And if you need even more help, give us a call – we’ll be happy to give you a helping hand.


    Mistake 1: Plastering your logo over every inch of wall


    You want customers to get to know your brand, we get it. But cramming the walls with your logo is more likely to overload the senses of those walking through the hustling, bustling exhibition space.

    Give your brand space to breathe. White space around your logo will help it stand out from a busy crowd, ultimately achieving your goals of brand awareness so much more successfully than pasting it across every surface.


    Mistake 2: Not keeping your information short, clear and snappy


    You have mere seconds to get your message across to customers, and when you try to give them too much information in one go, they’re likely to switch off. Keep it concise, with one clear message that tells the customer what you’re all about without covering your walls with text.

    And if they can decipher your brand from the aisle as they’re walking past, then even better. If they know you have what they want, you won’t have to grab them, they’ll come to you.


    Mistake 3: Leaving cables/boxes/personal belongings on show

    Your stand should be neat and tidy. If you have tethers and cables, keep them hidden. Sounds simple, right? But it’s amazing how many people forget this when planning their setup.

    And just as importantly, make sure you consider where you’re going to store your boxes and personal belongings. If a built-in storage cupboard isn’t feasible, then consider furniture with hidden shelving.


    Mistake 4: Not investing in the look of your stand

    You may not have thousands to spend, but that doesn’t mean your stand has to look cheap. Customers will judge the aesthetics of your stand first, and what you’re selling second. Simple little upgrades to create a more bespoke look will instantly make your space stand out from your neighbour’s.

    Think wall graphics rather than pop-up banners, contemporary chair designs over folding chairs and display cases rather than trestle tables. Furniture can say a lot about your brand. It should have character and reflect who you are, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. You should reflect your brand’s personality at every touch point.


    Mistake 5: Building too many walls

    Keeping your stand open will make it feel much more inviting, if you have too many walls that block people from entering, then chances are they won’t enter.

    Don’t be scared of having an open space – guests want to be able to walk on, look around and talk to you. If you make them walk around the outside then they’ll likely just get swept along with the crowd.


    Mistake 6: Having bored staff handing out leaflets

    To really get the most ROI from your stand, you need to make it fun. It’s no longer enough to turn up with some pop-up banners and hand out a bunch of flyers. Instead spend that money on fun giveaways, games or energetic promo staff.

    To be remembered, you need to create a “this is brilliant” moment. To put it simply, don’t be boring!


    Mistake 7: Thinking design agencies are too expensive

    This is one of the biggest misconceptions within the events industry, but you’d probably be surprised by what a smaller design and production agency like event.live can offer within your budget.

    Because of our expertise and wide range of supplier relationships, we know who can offer the best value for your brief. And we can negotiate the best prices. This, plus the fact you’ll be more likely to get more business on the day means a greater ROI at the end of your event. And isn’t that the whole point?